Our Vision

We are Vancouver’s

go to dance studio,

dedicated to inclusivity,

kindness & the pursuit

of excellence.


Our Mission.

At Boogaloo Academy, our mission is to nurture students to become well-rounded individuals with a love of the arts. We spark imagination to awaken our students’ natural creative capacities and artistic awareness in a warm, inclusive environment. We emphasize kindness while inspiring personal growth, lifelong learning, and excellence.

Our Values.


We’re passionate about sharing the love of dance.

We move you! From celebrating mastery of skills to illuminating the exhilaration of performance, we aspire to spark love for the joys of music, movement, and art.


We believe art is magical in its power to transform us.

Students grow and develop through shaping their talents and using their imagination to create, perform, and share meaningful messages.  


We are mentors and role models who encourage unity and embrace diversity.

We foster team spirit and a sense of belonging where everyone can flourish. Our studio is a collaborative, supportive and inclusive environment. Through our non-profit, A Star Society, we are privileged to share dance programs with those in need.


We treat each other with kindness as we strive for excellence.

We encourage our dancers to explore and take creative risks while learning in our supportive, caring environment.


We promote caring, trust and respect, first and foremost.

We’re devoted to professionalism and the highest ethical standards in achieving our goals.

Our Process.

Nurturing Confidence

We are proud to nurture creativity and leadership in our students. With individualized attention, we empower each student to discover their unique strengths and master new skills. With a supportive and collaborative environment, we inspire and motivate friendship, teamwork, and creative risk-taking. These experiences help to build confidence in dance and all other facets of life.


Inspiring excellence 

Through exceptional training in classical and street styles of dance, our talented faculty teach commitment, attention to detail, working together, and respecting and supporting one another. Students discover how to work towards their full potential and excel.  


Cultivating artists 

We believe that everyone is an artist. We develop our students’ natural artistry and musicality to enhance their creativity and self-expression. Our instructors possess a genuine love for the magic of dance and a gift for instilling this in others. With encouragement to explore myriad forms of dance, our students have many opportunities to discover their passion.


Meaningful Messages 

We believe that the art of dance has the power to influence and effect changes in the world. Messages like anti-bullying, that are meaningful to the community, underlie all of our work. It is through the creation and presentation of evocative choreographies and experiences that we educate and guide our students as well as engage and enlighten our audiences. 


Shaping the future 

We shape our programs to nurture the power of imagination, leading children to become creative, well-rounded and productive adults. This fosters innovative approaches to problem-solving that can be used throughout their lives, benefitting society and changing the world.


Health and safety 

From our 6″ sprung floors (which minimize the effect of impact over time) to promoting overall wellness, the health of our students is our top priority. Our curriculum emphasizes physical and emotional well-being at all stages of growth and learning.

Benefits of dance.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits that studying with us has to offer:

• Increased hand-eye coordination, body awareness, balance, strength, and flexibility
• Improved concentration, memory, listening skills, attention span, and discipline
• Enhanced confidence, self-esteem, creativity, expression, and character-building
• Enhanced group synergy, team and community-building experiences

Performance is an important aspect of the artistic training process. A large portion of the year is spent developing dance skills and techniques, culminating in an original creative production at the end of the year. All ages and levels come together to feel the enchantment of the theatre, and the magic of performing on stage.

Many of our students have become professionals and continue to share their knowledge and their passion with the next generation of artists. Boogaloo Academy forms lasting connections with dancers, musicians and artists. We empower each individual who walks through our doors to have a voice and shape the culture of dance and art.

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