Performance is an important aspect of the artistic training process. A large portion of the year is spent developing dance skills and techniques, culminating in an original creative production at the end of the year. All ages and levels come together to feel the enchantment of the theatre, and the magic of performing on stage. Please see more details about our past year end shows below.

The Boogaloo Academy Awards Year End Show


Date: June 3rd, 2023
Time: 1:00pm & 6:00pm PST

The Boogaloo Academy Awards

We are so excited to present “The Boogaloo Academy Awards,” our upcoming year-end showcase. Please join us in celebrating Boogaloo Academy’s 11th season of inspiring, educating, and sharing the joy of dance and the arts. Experience the enchantment of the stage as Boogaloo’s incredible dancers, ages 5 to adult, deliver Oscar-worthy performances in both street and classical styles. Come support our vibrant community and enjoy the show!


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We appreciate and rely upon your ticket purchase to help cover the costs of providing this exciting in-theatre performance experience for our dancers.


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We created A Star Society in 2009 to provide programs and scholarships, enriching the lives of children and youth who would otherwise not receive the profound benefits of education in the arts. Your contribution is so much appreciated. Please follow and like us on Instagram and astarsociety.nonprofit on Facebook.

The Recital


This year’s theme, “The Recital,” offered the audience a chance to peek behind the scenes at the imaginative process that goes into creating our final production. Every year, Boogaloo Academy’s faculty meet in late May to brainstorm plans for the following year’s recital. We come away with a tiny thread of an idea that weaves its way through the minds of everyone who is working on the show; the directors, teachers, actors, students, staff, friends, graphic designer, and even others who happen by, contribute in some way adding to or altering its course.

Einstein’s quote “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” so fittingly describes this process as we are all imagining, discussing and tossing ideas around like tennis balls: catching it, adding on and sending it back with more problems solved and more directions to explore. This goes on for months until that tiny thread grows to fruition and wraps us all together in the fabric of the story that you will see tonight.

It is only with the amazing talents of our incredible teachers that this can be accomplished. How fortunate to have such passionate, inspiring, imaginative artists contribute their precious creations to the canvas of the story—giving our students the magical experience of bonding together with a purpose.

Our heartfelt thanks and so much appreciation to all of our teachers who came together to create dances that make our story line sparkle; to our actors and dancers who put their hearts and souls into their performances, enhancing the story beyond our hopes and dreams; and to our community of parents who do everything they can to accommodate our extra classes and rehearsals, helping us achieve the highest of standards.

Enjoy the show… being at times a voyeur, an audience member, and a participant watching how “The Recital” came to be.

The Realm


This year we thought we would write a whimsical story about getting swept into a video game. Little did we know that it would take on a life of its own and match our year in the studio!
Just as time flew by for Jackson our character who is stuck in the game, our year flew by so fast! It made it even more pressing to have our show date a month earlier than usual, coupled with taking on ambitious projects like multiclass performances in Popping, Giselle, Swing and Breakdance.

In the same way as all the characters pooled their strengths and abilities to survive and complete the game, our community of: teachers came together to create works that make our story line sparkle; our actors, video editor, graphic designer and students put their hearts and souls into their tasks enhancing the story beyond our hopes and dreams; while our parents did everything they could to accommodate our extra classes and rehearsals helping us achieve our goal! Thank you all so very much!

An important mention: The first part of our year is devoted to teaching skills that will be used in the final performance choreography, which starts in March. Just as our characters overcame adversity by working together, we as a studio faced our own challenges. By pulling together, we not only overcame it, but achieved stellar results in all of our competitions and in this show.



“Life is no brief candle,
it is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment,
and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible
before handing it on to future generations.”
George Bernard Shaw

We were inspired by this quote to tell a story about how the arts have the power to cross time, countries and cultures connecting us all together. Artistry, imagination and creativity is our birth right – continually evolving from generation to generation. We are the rich recipients of all that has come before us and it is our pleasure to make something new of it and pass it along.

We begin our story in Paris, known as The “City of Light” the vast centre of education and ideas. It is here in 1650 that Louis the XIV brought about the birth of classical ballet. We meet Magnus who gets inspired on a visit to the Louvre and decides to travel to Los Angeles to learn more about the dance culture of America. There he meets RoRo who takes him to New York to experience the birthplace of Hip Hop. RoRo and Magnus struggle to discover common ground and finally celebrate their cultures and art forms together.

We invite you to allow the art of music and dance to capture your imagination and transport you to new ideas, thoughts, feelings and the endless possibilities of our human spirit!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, to see how art creates a kaleidoscope of connection between all cultures, shaping and illuminating a path from the past to the future. We celebrate the dedication, hard work and enthusiasm of all of our Boogaloo Academy teachers and amazing performers presenting Kaleidoscope.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Martha Graham