Competitive Program.

Boogaloo Academy’s Elite competitive program offers incredible learning experiences, community building and performance opportunities above and beyond regular recital classes. There are many wonderful benefits to the competitive program such as an accelerated development of dance skills, enhancing confidence and self esteem; learning to excel and push toward one’s full potential; developing life skills that augment all other facets of their lives.

Program details

Our competitive programs are for students who can make the extra time commitment to classes and performance opportunities, love to perform and want to be challenged. Hip hop competition students will require a commitment minimum of 5 hours per week, Junior Classical will require 6 hours per week and Intermediate and Senior Classical will require 8 hours per week. Our goal is to offer extra training and a fun professional dance experience to all students who are passionate and committed to dance. School hour shows will be kept to a minimum.

Our mandatory curriculum is geared to advancing technique and performance skills. Students will be competing against dancers that are in other professional training programs, therefore it is important that all competing students have more intensive training. For your convenience, our competition class schedule has multiple back-to-back classes on the fewest number of days.

Training must continue over spring and summer breaks with students taking intensives or bootcamps for 1 week during spring and 2-3 weeks over summer. Spring camps are always offered during the first week of spring break and summer camps run the second week of July and the last two weeks of August.


Competition season is usually April through May and often fall during school hours. Each competition class will do 1-2 competition numbers that entered in a minimum of 2 competitions. Fees include competition and costume fees. Solo and Duo competition fees are more costly than the Group fee. All fees are due upon registration.

Competition dancers will have many performance and music video opportunities during the year. If you are able to commit to competitions, extra performances and summer training classes, then Elite is for you!

Boogaloo Academy offers the Best of Both Worlds: many of our students compete in both Classical and Street dance styles.

To schedule an audition, please call 604.805.0558 or contact us here.

If you have been accepted into any of our Competition Programs please click the register buttons below.

Placement Auditions.

Placement auditions determine the best classes for your dancer. All dancers in the auditions will be placed in the appropriate groups for them, in order for them to grow and be challenged, while still enjoying themselves. Placement in our competition groups will not be determined by these auditions alone; attendance, dedication, and enthusiasm over the past year will also be taken into consideration. These classes will also be a fun way to wrap up the season and get excited about the new season! Not all groups/levels will need an audition.

Placement auditions are mandatory for our Competitive Programs. If your dancer is unable to attend, please let us know and we will make sure to consider them for the groups. These classes are nothing to worry about – the teachers have been working with your dancers all year and are excited to see them dance with some new faces!

If you have any questions about the Placement Auditions, please call us at 604.805.0558.

Street Competitive Teams

Saturday, June 15th, 2024  1:30pm–6:15pm

Please fill out the form below to registerArrive at the studio 15-30 minutes before your team’s scheduled time.
Dress Code: Clean indoor sneakers and clothing you can dance in. Make sure to bring a water bottle. 

SAPPHIRE 7–11 yrs 1:30pm–2:30pm
J2 8–12 yrs 2:30pm–3:30pm
MIXED EMOTIONS 10–13 yrs 3:30pm–4:30pm
BOOGALIE MOOGALIES 10–13 yrs 3:30pm–4:30pm
FRIXXION/ POPPING CREW 10+ yrs 4:30pm–5:15pm
ELITE TEAM/ DIAMOND ELITE 14+ yrs 5:15pm–6:15pm

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Classical Competitive Teams

Please call us at 604.805.0558 or email us at if you’d like to audition. Spaces are still available.

Audition notes:
• Video submissions accepted.
• Arrive at the studio 15-30 minutes before your scheduled time for in-studio audtions.
• Dress Code: Leotard, tights, Ballet shoes, Jazz shoes and optional foot undies with Hair tied back. Make sure to bring a water bottle. 

SAPPHIRE 5–7 yrs
RUBY 8–11 yrs 
EMERALD 11–14 yrs 
AMETHYST 12+ yrs  
PEARL 14+ yrs  


Boogaloo Academy students compete in a variety of Street styles including: Hip hop, Popping, and Breakin’ for all ages and levels. These classes are by audition only.  Students must enroll in their Competition group class, plus the other mandatory classes.


Boogaloo Academy students compete in a variety of Classical styles including: Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary. Classical Competition students must audition to determine their level. Mandatory class schedules are based on this level.

Soroarity and The Freshmen | World of Dance Championship 2019