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Welcome to Boogaloo Academy! Boogaloo Academy is an award-winning dance studio that emphasizes kindness, confidence and fun. We offer classes to students of all ages in both classical and street styles and welcome dancers of all levels of experience from recreational to competitive. We celebrate inclusivity in our diverse dance community and honour our students’ individual gifts, helping them grow and flourish. We believe in the importance of inspiring a lifelong love of the arts.

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Classes start in the second week of September and end in the third week of June. Dance camps are offered on Pro D Days and during Spring and Summer breaks. Early registration ensures more value per class time, along with more class availability. Registration is welcome any time during the school year, but late registration may have limited class availability. We are proud of our teachers and delight in watching our students progress in leaps and bounds.

Trial Drop-in Classes

Try out any of our classes! Please call Anita at 604-805-0558 to schedule an appointment for a trial class or click the button below. Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts to fill out waiver forms and meet your instructor. Our Class Schedule with our conveniently timetabled classes and our full Year at a Glance can be downloaded and printed out or viewed on screen.


To explore our many options, please click on the links below:

Street styles
Classical styles
Early Childhood program
Competition program
Musical Theatre

Choose your classes and register online by clicking here or call us at 604-805-0558 to discuss your options. Payments can be made with cash, cheques, e-transfers or by credit card with a 3% fee (debit not available). Flexible payment options are available.

Things to bring on your first day:

    • Clean, indoor-only shoes
    • Stretchy clothing you can move in or dance attire appropriate for your style of dance (see below)
    • Filled water bottle
    • Minimal personal items

Dance attire

We are passionate about teaching the art of dance and encouraging our students to work toward being their personal best on and off the dance floor. Our dance classes are structured around discipline, integrity, respect and professionalism to maintain a high standard in technique, style and performance.

Proper dance attire enables the teacher to see the dancers’ positions and movement in order to give necessary corrections for the benefit of the dancer’s education. Uniformity helps the teacher observe correct positioning more easily. If everyone is wearing the same thing, teacher is able to notice a hip too high, an elbow in the wrong spot, a wrist dropped, etc because the eye isn’t distracted by different attire. In keeping with our philosophy of encouraging creativity and enhancing self-esteem, we want to keep our dress code as open as possible while still maintaining a high standard with especially allowing the teachers to be able to correct as easily as possible.

  • Mandatory bodysuit for all classical division classes for ages 3+ – no streetwear
  • Ballet tights
  • You may wear a skirt or tight, fitted shorts over tights
  • Ballet shoes or socks
  • Hair in a bun or bands to tie hair back
  • Mandatory bodysuit for all classical division classes for ages 3+ – no streetwear
  • Leggings or mid-thigh fitted shorts over bodysuit
  • Jazz shoes or socks
  • Ponytail, braids or hair bands to tie hair back
Hip hop, popping, and breakin’
  • Clean, non-streaking indoor shoes
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting t-shirts or crop top covering ribs
  • Sweat pants, leggings or basketball shorts to the knees*
    *There may be a bit of choreography on the knees

Teachers may provide more information on specific attire for their class.

Cell phone policy

At Boogaloo Academy, we value and foster team bonding and camaraderie in our classes. To this end, cell phone use is not permitted during class time nor while on breaks. This includes phone calls, texting, or browsing the internet. On rare occasions, teachers may allow video of choreography for practicing at home. As well, we understand that there may be certain situations where students need to contact a parent or guardian, and in those cases, we ask that they speak with the instructor before or after class.

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