Street Styles

For all Ages and Levels from Recreational to Competitive

Learn the latest styles of Hip Hop, Old Skool, New Skool, Popping, Locking and House with internationally renowned hip-hop artists.

Hip Hop

These unique classes introduce students to the technical precision and athleticism required for hip-hop dancing, including learning the freestyle element of the form: an improvisational, off-the-cuff approach to movement.
Students are encouraged to discover their own style and gain a deeper understanding of rhythm and musicality. Our hip hop dance programs are a fun and fulfilling way for students to express themselves and their creativity.



Boogaloo’s breakdance course allows students to explore their own individual style of breaking, while still learning to dance as part of a group.

Using basic combinations and practice sets, students will explore fundamentals in footwork, drops, floorwork and freezes. They will gradually learn to participate in battle rituals, freestyle circles, and commando routines.

As they gain confidence and clarity in their skills, students will also learn how to blend their unique style into the larger group dynamic.
After understanding silent leadership, crew chemistry, and mutual respect, students will be more than awesome dancers – they will be outstanding citizens.


By learning popping you will develop your personal dance style, increase your dance vocabulary and add unique movement to any other dance genre.

Popping is a very diverse style of street dance that involves quickly flexing and contracting ones muscles in a controlled motion to give the illusion of stopping, which is called a pop or glitch.
This unique style originated in Fresno, California during the funk era of the 60s and 70s.
Within popping there are many styles, which include Boogaloo, Animation, G-Style and much more.

Boogaloo was the very first form of Popping and grooving is essential to this style.
Fundamental moves such as Fresno, Slow Motion, Toy Man, Waving, Strutting, Sinbad and more have evolved from Boogaloo.

Animation, which has no grooving also evolved out of Boogaloo.
It is the art of illusionary dancing, perfected to the point that it has become its own style.
Robot, Slow Motion, Fast Forwarding, Strobing, Vibrating, Glitch (which looks like a person moving in a laggy video or people dancing in strobe lights), Tutting and Waving are dances within this style.