Our Show 2016 Recap


Waterfront Junction Finale
June 18th Year End Show

Performing is an important aspect of the artistic training process, and every year we create a meaningful story that includes our entire school. All ages,  from our youngest dancers to our professionals, can feel the enchantment of the theatre and the magic of being on stage.

What a fantastic cast of dancers and performers we had to tell our original story, Waterfront Junction, which was performed on June 18th, in Vancouver, presented by Boogaloo Academy.

Here is a taste from the program for Waterfront Junction’s message from the Directors.


Tonight you will be taken on a journey where you will meet these characters:

Zac, who despite his natural joie de vivre, could never truly shake his sadness, because of the bullying he
endures from his classmates;

RoRo, a young dancer who despite dancing 5 hours a day under the tutelage of her ego driven, selfish dance instructor, is not allowed to enjoy the freedom of being creative and expressive;

A group of dancers called “The Collective” who despite having the freedom and joy to be creative and expressive, could never truly feel complete because something is missing.

As our story unfolds, our protagonists are at crossroads in their lives, coping with their individual trials and tribulations. Through the power of dance their stories become intertwined; relationships blossom and discoveries are made.

Zac discovers his passion for dance; RoRo realizes that being creative, expressive and imaginative is only natural; and The Collective are protected from being enticed into criminal activity.

This is a story about the power of the arts to bring us all together, to nourish our souls and allow us to discover strengths within ourselves that we don’t even know exist; a story that celebrates, imagination, creativity, expression and community.

We invite you to allow the art of music and dance to capture your imagination and transport you to new ideas, thoughts, feelings and the endless possibilities of our human spirit!

We celebrate the dedication, hard work and enthusiasm of all or our Boogaloo Academy teachers and amazing performers, presenting Waterfront Junction to you today.

Enjoy the Show!

– Anita and Jheric

Waterfront Junction is a play written by Anita Perel-Panar and Jheric Hizon and used with permission of the authors (June 18, 2016). Waterfront Junction is based on true stories.

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Photography courtesy of Avie Perel-Panar