Our Values

Here are some of the wonderful benefits that studying with us has to offer:

•Increased hand eye coordination, body awareness, balance, strength, and flexibility;

•Increased concentration, focus, memory, listening skills, spatial awareness, attention span and discipline;

•Enhanced confidence, self-esteem, creativity, expression, confidence, and character building;

•Enhanced group synergy, team and community building experiences;

This, along with learning to excel and push toward one’s full potential are skills that can boost children’s academic, social and emotional well being, and compliment all other facets of their lives.

At Boogaloo Academy, teachers are experts in their field, possessing a genuine love for the magic of the arts and a natural gift for instilling this love in others. Through our specialized teaching techniques, an emphasis on individualized attention, and a focus on building self-esteem, students are nurtured to develop their innate artistry and musicality. They are encouraged to reach their creative, expressive and physical potential, to become artists and well-rounded individuals.

We believe performance is an important aspect of the artistic training process. A large portion of the year is spent developing dance skills and techniques, culminating in an original creative production at the end of the year. All ages and levels come together to feel the enchantment of the theatre, and the magic of performing on stage.

Many of our students have become professional dancers and teachers who continue to share their knowledge and their passion with the next generation of artists. Boogaloo Academy forms lasting connections with dancers, musicians and artists; we empower each individual who walks through our doors to have a voice and shape the culture of dance and art.