Acting, Music & Drama




Imagine yourself standing in front of an audience of one thousand people, fearlessly showing them what you’re made of.

Whether speaking to an audience of one thousand or of one, drama acting students at Boogaloo Academy learn to express themselves with confidence, clarity and honesty.

Our dedicated faculty is committed to the personal growth of each student; to teaching them skills in self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-expression which will serve them well on stage or in life.

Using games, exercises and scene work, students will explore new skills in movement, speech, improvisation and characterization. Above all else, they will learn to explore their own creativity, and to have fun expressing it.

DJ Workshop


Boogaloo Academy has DJ workshops available for young musicians and music enthusiasts.
Our instructor, Jheric Hizon, will teach the fundamentals of DJing, as well as tips and tricks for making sure the life of the party never ends.


12 weeks
2 hour session
These workshops require a minimum of 3 students to start and up to a maximum of 4 to ensure that each student is given maximum individual attention.
For more information, please contact the studio at 604-326-0100.

Group Singing Workshop


Come One Come All!

For everyone age 8+, that means parents too!
Singing Classes are coming to Boogaloo Academy.
Be inspired by Master Voice Teacher, Cecile Larochelle.
“If you can laugh you can sing!”
Learn how to “play” your voice as an instrument.
Understand how to balance vocal cord muscles and air.
Explore your full vocal range.

Communicate with others through listening, blending and harmonizing culminating in a recording studio experience.