Early Childhood Programs

cs-ballet2ec-kids1 Boogaloo Academy’s Early Childhood dance, music and movement classes focus on musicality, coordination, and spatial relations. Participating in our Early Childhood program's will build your child's body awareness, listening skills, music concepts, classroom etiquette, creativity, expression and imagination. We place an emphasis on building confidence and the enhancement of self esteem within the following disciplines: Pre Ballet Ages 3-5 year olds: Ballet Concepts, Shapes and Imagery using Classical and Orchestral Music Hip Hop for Tots Ages 2-3 and 3-5: Latest Music and Hip Hop Concepts Bouncing to the Beat Dance Mix for Ages 2-3 and 3-5: A mix of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Creative Movement with music to match Music and Movement Ages 2-3: Music Concepts and Creative Movement to a variety of styles of music.