Early Childhood Programs

cs-ballet2ec-kids1 Boogaloo Academy’s Early Childhood dance, music and movement classes focus on musicality, coordination, and spatial relations.
Fostering children’s natural abilities, instilling a love for the arts, increasing self-esteem and building confidence is our focus.

Participating in our Early Childhood program's will build your child's
• Body awareness,
• Listening skills,
• Music concepts,
• Classroom etiquette,
• Creativity, expression and imagination

Pre Ballet Ages 3-5 year olds: Ballet Concepts, Shapes and Imagery using Classical and Orchestral Music

Hip Hop for Tots Ages 2-3 and 3-5: Latest Music and Hip Hop Concepts Bouncing to the Beat

Dance Mix for Ages 2-3 and 3-5: A mix of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Creative Movement with music to match

Music and Movement Ages 2-3: Music Concepts and Creative Movement to a variety of styles of music.