Classical Styles


  Boogaloo Academy offers ballet for students of all skill levels. This course provides dancers with a strong foundation in classical technique, increasing coordination and building physical awareness. In each class, students focus on barre work, floor combinations, and adagio. Through practice, repetition, and discipline, students build both their skill levels and their confidence. They will also improve their listening skills, focus, and memory, while gaining a greater appreciation of how their bodies relate to the space around them.  The term will culminate in a student showcase, in which the various elements of their technique and hard work will come together in a choreographed performance.


  Kick, turn and leap with style! Jazz is a highly energetic form of dance, demanding precision and whole-hearted commitment. With a combination of stretches, barre work, floor exercises and cross-floor combinations, Boogaloo Academy's jazz course will develop and refine the technical skills of each participating student. Dancers will increase their flexibility, strength, coordination and focus, while tapping into an electrifying performance style that is unique to jazz dance. Drawing from diverse styles such as lyrical, contemporary, and street jazz, this course brings a unique emphasis to the student’s performance quality – to their energy, personality, and attitude. As students learn to fully engage their bodies, they will develop the ability to engage their own emotions, and to connect to their audience.

Contemporary / Modern

  Learn to move freely and boldly, using a combination of traditional and modern dance styles. As students work on classical dance technique - building strength, coordination and precision - they will also begin to develop a sense of flexibility and fluidity. Infusing classical forms with modern influence, students will discover and explore a style of dance that truly captures the best of both worlds - where freedom meets precision, old meets new, and body meets mind and heart;  this course will help students to connect their physical expressions to their breath, their emotional impulses, and their personal creativity.


  Lyrical dance is best described as a "fusion" style, incorporating aspects of both ballet and jazz technique. The music, and how it makes the dancers feel, influences how they move. Often times dancers express different emotions to portray the story they are telling. Lyrical classes are made up of the various technical elements of both ballet and jazz, starting with a warm up followed by across the floor exercises. Lyrical combinations are then created from these technical elements which are then applied to a dance.