How Boogaloo Academy got its Name: Plain and simple…Serendipity!

Jheric and I had been searching for a name for our company for over a year and my family was already getting tired of me saying, “Hey, how about this one!”

One day while shopping and going on about the name, my daughter Lara suddenly turned to me and said, “Just think of a name right now! Just say whatever comes to your mind!

“Well, um, Boogaloo! The word just rolled off my tongue and I don’t know where it came from!

“What a great name!” she replied, “That’s it!”

“How can it be? It just came out, I didn’t even get a chance to think!”

“Let’s ask the rest of the family,” she said.

The results were unanimous! They all liked it!

I could not believe that the name Boogaloo, which had just appeared on its own, was my family’s favorite out of all those millions of suggestions.
That night I met with Jheric and said, “My family thinks I found a good name for our company.”

“Ok?” he said.

“Well, how about Boogaloo!?” I said. His look of astonishment completely surprised me.

“Why are you having such a reaction?” I asked.

“How can it be that you thought of that name?”
“I don’t get it,” I replied.

“When I was a kid, it was the movie Electric Boogaloo that inspired me to want to start break dancing and hip hop! Watching that movie was life changing for me and set me on this path! It is so amazing that you came up with a name that has so much meaning for me! It’s like the fates conspired.

It is just meant to be! We have to call it Boogaloo!”

Another word to juxtapose the fun in the name Boogaloo with our message of excellence will make it just right, we decided.

That is how Boogaloo Academy got its name!